Advanced Cataract Surgery IOL Options

Over the past two decades, cataract surgery has seen enormous advancements in technology and procedure processes. Professional ophthalmologists and eye surgeons, like Dr. Gurpreet Singh of Eye Specialists of Texas, are now able to perform cataract and other refractive surgical procedures with extreme accuracy, advanced laser technology, in a slightly shorter timeframe, and now with innovative lens implants that best match a patient’s vision correction needs.


The best part about today’s new advancements in IOLs, or intraocular lens implants, is that they offer more lens options for patients to choose from; moreover, patients can still rely on Dr. Singh to provide advanced cataract surgery technology.

Before IOL implants, patients had to wear special corrective glasses to achieve good vision after cataract surgery. Today, with the modernization behind IOLs, there are several types of implants that provide patients with a quality of vision that is closer to what they had when they were much younger.

Most intraocular lenses are made with a highly flexible and soft material similar to extremely thin plastic. Like traditional contact lenses, implants will contain the correct vision prescription that each patient requires. Therefore, whether a patient is near-sighted, far-sighted, both, is experiencing astigmatism, or other visual perception concerns, there are IOLs designed to meet those needs.

Dr. Singh and the staff of Eye Specialists of Texas have chosen to now provide an innovative advanced Multifocal IOL lens implant technology called TECNIS® and TECNIS Symfony® IOL. These lens implants offer patients the latest technology available today in multifocal lens vision. Furthermore, TECNIS® provides clear high-quality vision that enables patients to see at any distance. Dr. Singh’s choice to offer only the most advanced technology in intraocular lens options for his patients further adds to his steadfast commitment to providing only the best in excellence and quality patient care services.

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 TECNIS® Options for Refractive/Cataract Surgery

As with any intraocular lens implants, there are various options, prices, and brands to choose from; and all will be based on patient need. By consulting with an experienced eye surgeon like Dr. Singh, patients have an opportunity to learn and understand their corrective vision needs, and will receive the best medical recommendation.

Cataract surgery is perhaps still the most common eye surgery worldwide; therefore, with so many patients having surgery each year, it is important for patients to have the best options available when it comes to clear and precise vision. TECNIS® IOLs offer patients just that.

TECNIS® IOL Implant Benefits:

  • Continuous Visual Acuity– Patients can see clearly and sharply with full range of vision to see up close, near, and far away.
  • Continuous Visual Clarity– Patients see the world as it was meant to be seen, in all its brilliance, color, and clarity. These lenses offer sharper vision similar to what patients had before they needed any form of corrective lenses.
  • Enhance Visual Functionality– After cataract surgery, patients can see clearly and accurately under any lighting condition. In addition, issues like astigmatism and concerns with glare are also mitigated with the technical design of TECNIS Symfony® lenses.

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