Glaucoma Surgery

Glaucoma surgery can help lower pressure when medication is not enough; however, it does not reverse vision loss.

Laser surgery (utilization of a focused beam of light) has, in recent years, usually been the choice of surgeons over filtering microsurgery, except in circumstances where:

  • The pressure in the eye has become very high
  • An optic nerve has become very badly damaged
  • Laser surgery has not been successfully lowering eye pressure

The more conventional glaucoma surgery, filtering microsurgery, involves creating a very minute path of drainage by using a small surgical tool. Via the artificial drainage canal, intraocular fluid can bypass clogged drainage canals.

It has not been uncommon for glaucoma surgery to be done several times if pressure once again rises.


Trabectome is an exciting new micro incisional surgical treatment for glaucoma. This is a minimally invasive treatment for glaucoma that has a low risk of adverse events and yet as able to achieve an average drop in intraocular pressure of 33%. The trabectome procedure can be performed by itself, or can be performed at the time of cataract surgery in those patients who have both cataracts and glaucoma.


The praised cutting edge Trabectome surgery is done using The Trabectome System, as shown above, which is only available at a very few select locations in the Houston Metro Area.

The Trabectome System

The Trabectome System is engineered and manufactured in the United States. It is made in a facility where the highest quality output is maintained to meet the very specific and strict standards of Trabectome surgeons, like Dr. Singh.

Dr. Singh and other select doctors in the United States have performed many successful Trabectome treatments for glaucoma. The doctors have endorsed this procedure as being much safer than the trabeculectomy procedure as well as other alternative procedures which have been the traditional options until now.

This is because the newer technology of the Trabectome System can lower pressure in the eyes and reduce reliance by the patient on glaucoma medications. All without the patient being subjected to the risks of trabeculectomy (of which there are many), including bleeding, extreme low pressure in the eye which may result in blurred sight, infection, scarring, and more.

Why the Medical World is Elated about Trabectome:

  • Effectiveness in establishing and maintaining lower intraocular pressure (IOP)
  • Extreme ease of use
  • Increased patient compliance
  • Less side effects
  • Lessens dependence on and cost of glaucoma medications
  • Makes the disease easier to manage overall
  • One-time only treatment
  • Outstanding patient safety
  • Patients with both cataract and glaucoma diagnoses may benefit from this procedure as an adjunct to cataract surgery in some cases
  • Reduced cost to patients
  • Reduced post-op recovery period
  • Restores the natural fluid balance of the eye

Please contact us to learn more about this painless glaucoma treatment available in Houston, Texas from Dr. Gurpreet Singh.