Welcome! Eye Specialists of Texas: Here to Serve You

May 2, 2013


Welcome! We are very excited about our new site for several reasons including the look and the navigation as well as the added opportunities for interaction and the enhanced opportunity we now have to provide current educational and informative information to those who visit.

Whether to help:

    • Make an informed decision about if seeing an ophthalmologist is necessary for a possible eye condition
    • Make an informed decision if an elective procedure (like LASIK) is worth pursuing
    • Make an informed decision about choosing an eye doctor and learning about Dr. Singh
    • Just learn general information for consideration or general knowledge for yourself or a loved one

We, Dr. Gurpreet Sing and Dr. Sabby Singh, are absolutely thrilled to make our professional services available to North Cypress, The Woodlands and all the surrounding communities. From our family to your family: your health is our concern and our business; and, it is our honor and privilege to provide you the best in eye care regarding diagnosis, treatment and (if necessary) surgery..

Please let us know what information you would like to learn about on the Eye Specialists of Texas Blog, and we will endeavor to provide that information. We want our website to be a library…a resource…a wealth of knowledge for you, your family and your friends.

Also, we would appreciate your feedback about any aspect of our new website.

We look forward to seeing you and to helping you see better at one of our locations in North Cypress, TX or The Woodlands, TX.

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